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Ditch the Whining Sis!



March 25-31 2024

For one week, you're going on a journey that'll rewire your mindset from pessimistic to straight-up unstoppable. Each day, you'll get juicy lessons to upgrade your thought patterns, reflective journal prompts to dig deep, and guided meditations to calm your mind and get you centered.

What You'll Gain?

  • Clarity on your deepest desires and an unwavering vision for your future

  • Powerful mindset shifts to attract what you truly want in life

  • Techniques to release limiting beliefs holding you back

  • Tools for staying focused and motivated on your biggest goals

  • Heightened positive energy and vibration to manifest faster

  • Mastery over your thoughts to shape your reality intentionally

  • Lifelong habits for sustaining an abundance mindset


    A profound sense of appreciation and gratitude to open you to receiving

What are they saying about last 7 years of the challenge?

This is your official wake-up call to stop letting negativity and whining rob you of the life you deserve. Why keep vibrating at that low, disempowered frequency when you could living a life with more joy, money and love!

During these 7 days of #WEAINTCOMPLAINING, you'll discover:

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As the founder of Aligned AF and a certified manifestation coach, I'm on a mission to help women get out of their own way and manifest their dream lives with joy, ease, and intention.

After hitting rock bottom and finally taking control of my life and purpose, I now empower women everywhere to get their shit together, develop inner trust, and call in what sets their soul on fire.

My no-BS coaching style and manifestation methods have helped hundreds of women find clarity in chaos, move past limiting beliefs, and create meaningful lives fueled by passion - not perfection.

I won't just teach you how to manifest your dreams... I'll give you the mindset shifts and tangible tools needed to align your daily actions with your deepest desires.

If you're ready to get out of stagnation and step into the purposeful, fulfilling life you deserve, join me for this transformative webinar.


Let's light that inner fire and manifest some magic!

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