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Yoga Session

Want to make sure you don't miss out on the transformative experience of our next in-person retreat? Put your name on the waitlist below and be the first to know when applications open up. Trust me, you won't want to miss this!

Reset Retreat offers a unique environment where you can enjoy a weekend of deep relaxation, meditation, yoga classes and workshops. Let our retreat be the perfect opportunity for you to recalibrate your body and mind so that you can experience more joy, upliftment and inner peace in your everyday life. 

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The epic retreat location will be revealed soon...

See you soon! 

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What's Included?

All Inclusive

All is included. Your food, drinks, room, and workshops!

Yacht Release Party

This trip will be full of surprises. We don't want to tell it all. Just know 

Welcome Dinner

The start is important to the process and we will begin with a magical start.

Yoga & Dance Sessions

Sometimes getting physical is important to getting trauma out of your body. 

Morning Meditation

We will start the day to begin in a certain frequency.

Manifestation Workshops

We will go through the process of how to get into the receiving mode.

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